The team (aka who is who in the zoo):

Chief Investigator: Ben Leslie is the Chief Technical Officer for Breakaway. Ben provides both technical expertise in seL4 and significant experience in embedded systems as applied in testing. Ben and Gernot both have been involved in Open Kernel Labs

Associate Investigator: Professor Gernot Heiser FACM FIEEE FTSE led the team that produced seL4, the world’s first operating system with a mathematical proof of information correctness. See Gernot's Homepage.

Member of the technical staff (aka Technical Assistant): Phil Maker has been involved in the building of a few things including embedded (inside people) systems and microgrid technology such as flywheels, low load diesels and other things. He is also an adjunct Professor at ACEP and is here to help. See https://eds.power.on.net/EDS for a bit of background.

Phil can be contacted via email at philip.maker on gmail.com or via voice on +61 (0)447 630 229