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This a wee list of videos covering projects team members have worked on along with a bit of philosophy.

  1. Cat Herding - the company cat herding video, and yes phil is traditionally addressed as chief cat herder.
  2. SETuP videos - SETuP general videos from PWC.
  3. Daly River PV/Diesel/ESS - Daly River 1MW Pv/Diesel/ESS using Qinous and SMA kit.
  4. Fault Testing - some fault/protection testing with the interesting bit being the videos at the end.
  5. Synchronicity - running into Kersten in Tasmania. Of course "A wink from a pretty girl...".
  6. And the other ones -well worth looking up Marcus Aurelius, speaking as a philospher.
  7. Our security policy - seriously, note that our need to know, ...
  8. Australians, well the British view - worth a look
  9. Who cares Anyway at 5m - Good or Bad....
  10. But this operation could make the charge of the light brigade look like a sensible military exercise - the video for Laot?
  11. Its a big thick book - Ok Australians are a bit odd, Phil is Harris obviously.
  12. So your a Nazi with a MBE - not technical and apologies for any stress.
  13. How to run a meeting - yes, please listen to this.