Technical Writing Backstory
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This is the backstory to SIT-103 Technical Writing by Ian Stead.

  1. Once upon a time Phil got pegged (as an academic) for SIT-103 Technical Communications since he kept harping on about how important this is for our CS students (Ok I've built a few things so writing matters).
  2. But of course Phil failed english in Australia, (english as a 3rd language) and so was a bit concerned.
  3. And of course Ian came to the rescue since he was the Technical Writer on the implantable defibrillator project Phil worked on and was a key part of its success (IMHO). I really should say this again but if you need to teach this stuff do it once, with a technical writer.

So we got Ian to write the report and deliver a 1 week course in Darwin whilst Phil did the more social things across the year.

I think this is a very good model, but could of course be wrong.