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This is a list of talks given by the team members on various topics:

  1. PV Diesel 101 - an overview of PV/Diesel/ESS systems.
  2. CDU Masters ICS Cyber Security - a short lecture on Industrial Control Systems Cyber Security along with an exercise Exercise
  3. International Conference on Minigrids - a distributed control proposal,eka IoT from the dreamtime.
  4. RIWE Scott Base Talk - a talk at Scott Base.
  5. Smart Grids 2008 - describes the MAGPIE protocols were described which lead on eventually to M+
  6. 2014 Energy Storage - a wee talk about Energy Storage and Alaska.
  7. seL4 Whitepaper - a description of an interesting OS :-). Interesting in our case because we want to make things that work.
  8. Linus on Kernel Management - our management principles, truly.
  9. SETup Solar transformation - some interesting numbers.

Wiki based talks

  1. Securing data: a skeptical approach - some observations on security, architecture for a small teams data based on experience with this site. This is intended to be published as a short article on Linkedin.
  2. Formal Methods and Operating Systems in the 80's - a short article covering some results from the development of a RTOS.