Ross Island
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The Ross Island resulted from the construction and integration of a small three-turbine wind farm on Crater Hill, Ross Island, Antarctica. The 0.99MW wind farm is the southern-most wind farm in the world. It supplies power to and links the electrical grids of both New Zealand's Scott Base and the US' McMurdo Station.

The purpose of the project is to offset power generation diesel-fuel consumption at the two research stations on Ross Island, Antarctica. The three turbines are predicted to save 11% of the fuel used annually to provide electricity on Ross Island.

The project was funded by the New Zealand Government and built under an alliance between Antarctica New Zealand (AntNZ) and Meridian Energy Ltd (Meridian) with support from the US National Science Foundation (NSF). The alliance was tasked with the procurement, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the RIWE system.

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