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This is just a wee list of projects and tools the gentle reader might be interested in:

  1. laot-pub - trustworthy man in the middle defense.
  2. ASIM - a 1Hz power flow model for hybrid power systems which is Open Source with manuals, source code and other things.
  3. GNU Nana - a design by contract framework for C/C++
  4. Fossil OpenBSD httpd Setup - just some documentation on setting up fossil using httpd on OpenBSD.
  5. fossil-pit - a pit of fossils for a small team.
  6. This project is a bit quiet for now, will be reopened ext week: little-moata - a simulator for cyber security training using a custom protocol and a small model nuclear reactor. Its a short program that people can use to do an attack on a modelled machine. See Little Moata for details. The name of course is that of a wee reactor that was outside my office on my first job called Moata (gentle fire). See MOATA and Dismantling the fire.
  7. USSR - Ben Ellistons Unpolished Solar System Reckoner (USSR)
  8. Little Moata - a small nuclear reactor simulator for pen testing.
  9. tmg - a wee macro processor.