Project Processes
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This is an overview of some of our processes, in particular for project control and data sharing. It summarises:

  1. The Initial Investigation process which is intended to determine whether a project should proceed in a short period.
  2. Tools for data sharing and project management: how data is shared, secured and controlled.

Initial Investigation

The initial investigation is intended to be a short process which aims to investigate whether a particular project or technology should move onto detailed design and modelling.

The assessment will be based on existing systems, modelling, previous work and other estimation tools. It will be an approximation but in our experience projects fall into 3 categories:

  1. Great it looks like it is worthwhile, perhaps using technology X.
  2. Maybe, a more detailed looked might go either way.
  3. Oops, this is a really bad idea because of ....

The aim is to avoid wasting time by arriving at this estimate early in the process.

Tools for data sharing and project management

The summary is we use Dropbox and the server for most projects. This web page is just a project like any other. Once you have project name it can be accessed at

The web site for the project provides services such as:

  1. File archival, release and versioning.
  2. Per Project Wiki
  3. Ticketing and Change Requests
  4. Project timeline
  5. Timesheets

The kind of cool thing is that everything can signed and we can see/record things like:

  1. At 1APR19 client X asked for Y by NLT 1MAY19
  2. We responded with we need document X, load data, .. first and then its a weeks work.
  3. This wasn't provided till 1JUN19.

All of this is in the timeline which is kind of nice, IMHO.