Low Load Diesels
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Low load diesels allow us to significantly increase renewable energy contribution without energy storage by increasing Spinning Reserve. For example:

  1. 40% loading implies a peak contribution of 60%
  2. 10% loading implies a peak contribution of 90%

The Low Load Diesel name was trademarked by Diesel and Wind Systems around 2006 based on the systems developed by Powercorp for the Denham Wind/Diesel System.

We have been involved in all parts of this including:

  1. Initial work at Denham providing reverse power protection.
  2. Further work at a variety of WA sites such as Bremer Bay.
  3. Recent trials and operations in the NT. This is probably one of the largest trials compromising a large fleet of different engine types.

  1. Low Load Diesel Perceptions and Practises with Remote Area Power Systems