Little Moata
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Little Moata is intended as a training aid for industrial cyber security.

It provides a very small model of a nuclear reactor with a customised access protocol where the aim is to access the reactor and cause issues.

The sequence is simply:

  1. Here's the IP for target, explore it please?
  2. Ok Port X is open, whats that do?
  3. Oh its connected to a small nuclear reactor!
  4. Ok what else can I do? How does it work?
  5. Oh dear, I shouldn't have changed the rated maximum output :-(

Time from beginning to end no longer than 60 minutes :-).

If you interested drop Phil a line via email and he'll give you an account with access to the source or email it back to you. Its all BSD licensed using TCL and is all of 200SLOC initially.

If you've got access get the code from the Files menu item above, or fossil clone the project and just run it in tclsh after the other half has audited the code.

Have a nice day and consider Old SQLite Ethics if you have time. This site of course uses Fossil.

It is all of 300 SLOC so according to Dave Wheelers sloccount its worth around 8k$, but for you free. "generated using David A. Wheeler's 'SLOCCount'."

The project itself is at