How do we run projects and control documents?
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This page provides an overview of our processes and describes how documents are controlled and released.

Phases of a project

  1. Initial Investigation - is the project viable, what are its limits.
  2. Scope Of Works and Purchase Order - agree on the scope and customer raises the purchase order.
  3. Work: implement/commit/review/accept using the tools below
  4. Project Review and Acceptance
  5. Archive

Document and Version Control

  1. Each project has a name which appears in the top right hand side of the page. Project names consist of a series of words separated by -, e.g. brown-bunny. A project for PWC at Maningrida developing an ESS might be named pwc-maningrida-ess.
  2. Every person has a username and password which is typical firstname-organisation or a single word for team members, e.g. mike-daws.
  3. Each user and project can have different access requirements which can be fairly detailed, X can read the wiki and raise tickets or Y can change files. Details for the access rules can be found Access Capabilities.

For each project we have:

  1. Dropbox folder for sharing data which we will create and share.
    1. README - a project description including conventions for using Dropbox.
    2. username/ - content/date from username.
  2. Web site in a similar format to this one providing:
    1. Files acess to the files documents which are versioned controlled.
    2. Wiki - a per project.
    3. Tickets - a simple job ticket system for recording tasks.
    4. Forum - a forum which can record questions/answers about the project.
    5. ☰ aka the Hamburger - the site map including Timeline of Events and Search.
  3. A Fossil server which can be used to:
    1. Share work between individuals and teams whilst recording changes and not deleting data.
    2. Record the project timeline and events including digital signing.
    3. Allow users to backup complete archives of a project from the server.
    4. Its worth noting that updates to the project can be done WITHOUT internet access to the server. This is vital on site in order to ensure that work is recorded.