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For general questions please contact Phil noting that we can be fairly flexible.

Projects can be developed using any of:

  1. Traditional Waterfall, i.e. Scope of Works, Design, Implementation, Test, Release. See Waterfalls.
  1. Agile, i.e. incremental development with frequent reviews. This is often a good model for initial project work.
  2. Formal Methods and Design by Contract for systems with high reliability requirements.

All projects begin with an Initial Investigation in order to determine the projects viability. One simple way to start working with us is for us to deliver some training and/or seminars followed by the Initial Investigation. Then we can decide on the way forward, if there is one.

For larger projects requiring extra resource or other contractual requirements we cooperate with and can work through a variety of organisations, i.e.

  1. Your own organisation.
  2. Digital Intelligence - Darwin based group with a lot of experience in Energy Storage Systems and other things. We have a small manufacturing facility.
  3. Denamics - Marcs german based company and whence useful for EU work.
  4. ACEP - University and Alaska based. This can be useful for research grants and other studies.

The following references might include a bit of humour but there are some key points we do try to follow, particularly Kelly Johnsons rules:

  1. Linux Kernel Management - some hints for technical management.
  2. Kelly Johnsons 14 rules are worth reading, particularly for processes and team size.
  3. "A favourable situation will never be exploited if commanders wait for orders. The highest commander and the youngest soldier must be conscious of the fact that omission and inactivity are worse than resorting to the wrong expedient!" - Moltke.
  4. PDP8i HACKERS - a useful reference for systems development using fossil and open source.
  5. Don't go Dark - a short video describing why visibility useful.
  6. Semantic Version Numbering - a little standard for version numbers,
  7. Project Processes - project processes, all simple.