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Codes of Conduct policies seem to be becoming popular and this page summarises the EDS one along with some references from a LinkedIn post by Phil. I'll add any useful references to the references below.

This was inspired by a few GNU project issues but from our view:

  1. EDS is a small microgrid team doing real work, this is a distraction, we treat people based on ability (oops: we've just broken the code of conduct).
  2. But see the references below which we will update.
  3. And we will rewrite this if we can find any useful sources.

But in summary the EDS policy is:

  1. If you've got a problem with M for any reason, approach them, work out a plan.
  2. If that doesn't work (or you can't approach them) then talk to phil/some one else and we'll sort it.
  3. Remember Phils 3 rules of whinging but if its an issue raise it, and remember it is the soft discrimination stuff that is the real problem!.


  1. GNU Misc Discuss Archive - happy to be corrected if I was incorrect, see 15/02 Phil Maker.
  2. Initial Linkedin Question
  3. Social Contract -- noting it may not be supported by RMS.
  4. Lundukes CoC - which we do try to follow.
  5. SQLite Code of Ethics - This is actually quite good but a few people thought drh was perhaps joking.
  6. Are you the one who is always ready with a helping hand - my family song including my nephews.