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A list of useful books and papers on hybrid systems:

  1. Solar Diesel Minigrid Handbook - a little handbook describing these systems, ideal for an apprentice to read overnight.
  2. Fault Testing - a small article on fault but with some good videos.
  3. ASIM Reference, ASIM Quickstart - an open source 1Hz modelling package for hybrid power systems.
  4. Pragmatic Progammer Rules - some of our system rules, we even got a reference in one chapter :-). A lot of these rules apply to all engineering design and project management tasks.
  5. PMBOK - the Project Management Book of Knowledge is useful, even for us humble tradesman since it defines terms that we need, and they need to be defined.
  6. SWEBOK - Software EngineeringBook Of Knowledge.
  7. Systems Engineering Book of Knowledge - what is a system.
  8. A Solar Design Manual for Alaska - an interesting reference for Solar in Alaska.
  9. Development of Kinetic Energy Storage for Island Grids - Schaede et al.
  10. An introduction to General Systems Thinking - Gerald Weinberg, a truly useful book along with Egoless Programming.
  11. Technical Writing by Ian Stead - this was a technical report from NTU which I was involved with (see Technical Writing Backstory).
  12. Mythical Man Month - Fred Brooks, Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later.
  13. Wind Power in Power Systems, 2nd Edition - Ackermann, well worth a read, first book I'd give to new people in the dream time see also Energynautics.
  14. How to Solve it by Computer - I love the reference to "It is occasionally used as a textbook, especially in India.". Geoff was great and it is a most underrated book.
  15. Aurora Generator Test - an attack on a diesel?
  16. Linux Driver Writing - for the gentle reader
  17. ACS Implantable Defibrillator Architecture by Louis Peppou and Ian Stead - this is a document from 1988 describing the software architecture of the ACS Implantable Defibrillator. The company that developed this was Telectronics and its long gone. It might be of use to see how things have and have not changed over the years. It provides a description of the kernel as well which is kind of fun.
  18. OS-ACS: the kernel - this includes a formal specification FWIW.

Feel free to add extra references either by editing this page or emailing Phil. I'll do a scan of these and categorise them in a few months.